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We build satellites for our customers

to meet the requirements of Cube and Tube specifications.

Get a semi-space-grade 50-krad complete system (solar, OBC, Comms.) for less than $25,000, leaving you with 6.5 cm  50% free space in a 1U size satellite to add your own experiments or system.


For a fraction of the cost, we also have a development platform to help you build your own systems.

Structure, HW & SW

Building satellites is complex, but we also love working on small IoT projects or any other ideas you might think of.

Our engineers can save you time and money jump-starting your project.

PCB design and reflow, embedded and real-time software, and mechanical design are all done in-house.

We turn your vision into a finished product in no time!

Special Services

Your system isn’t off the shelf.

Managing the transition from development to production is more difficult than the development itself.

For a low price we can save you a lot of development time and ease the transition to production using our “fast iteration” methodology, producing PCB versions monthly.

At the end of the process you’ll have a fully tested and verified product that meets all your goals and specifications.  

Space: not just for AEROSPACE engineers

Satellite systems are a great platform to take your team’s development skills to the next level. We take care of the aerospace part; your job is to do the “other” engineering.

Electrical and mechanical engineers, software developers, algorithmic researchers, physics and biological scientists, and many others can actively engage in R&D for the most thrilling and interesting environment out there – outer space.

students: feel at home

University and even high school students can also participate and make their dreams come true.

Students working with our hardware have expressed such engagement and passion in their learning because their projects will actually fly into outer space. We guarantee that such a learning experience will be unlike any other.

Everything: is possible

Our memories make us who we are. Participants in our program will never forget their experiences and achievements.

Just imagine how it feels to know your satellite is orbiting around our planet.

About us

ScienceApp actively develops and manufactures Cube Satellites and Hybrid Aerial Vehicles.

Look for our Blended Hybrid Vehicle (BHV) being developed with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Try catching our satellites in orbit at 283THz.

Why Us

System, Not modules.

Every mission is unique. Your system should be built based on your individual requirements, not based on the modules available off-the-shelf.

We constantly encounter customers who buy off-the-shelf kits that don’t meet their specific needs. As a result of adjusting their project to module availability, they end up paying for an extra 1U because they don’t have enough space left in the cube for their own special mission components.

Our systems have all the modules you can think of integrated together, so that you save space. Since it’s not “SOTS” (Space Off The Shelf) we can adapt them to your needs and we will manufacture each system to meet your requirements.

Much more then just systems

We will keep you on track, managing the entire hardware development process and making sure you don’t take shortcuts along the way that will jeopardize the project.

Together we will start from the first stage of accurately defining the mission by completing a System Requirement Specifications (SRS) document followed by a Hardware Requirement Specifications (HRS) document and all the way through the development stages until validation and verification to ensure the risk of mission failure is slim to none.

Space grade components

We will let you choose where to spend the extra money, whether it’s choosing space-grade parts or, if not, we can do just fine with COTS (Consumer of the Shelf) versions built with redundancy.

Space-grade components are not a considerable cost to the project. Budgeting 10 percent more on space-grade parts will reduce overall system failure risk by up to 18 percent and increase system latch-related failures recovery capabilities by up to 25 percent.

If the risk analysis process is done correctly it can also reduce costs by ensuring you invest your money in the right components.

The Three (3) main blocks our system is based on:

Power and Fail-Safe

  • Power system (usually embedded with the fail-safe communication system).
  • Power system (embedded usually with the fail-safe communication system).
  • Space Grade digital power control including power gating and BMS.
  • 24% efficiency solar cells on our custom made fold/band-able fixture.
  • 96% efficiency MPPT converters.
  • 90% DC-DC converters.
  • Custom battery sizing.
  • Place for fail-safe software code.

Altitude & Attitude

  • Altitude and Attitude Determination and Control System (AADCS).
  • 3 Axis Magnetic Torque system (with power regeneration and a novel drive circuit with x10 more magnetic flux/w compared to other systems).
  • 3 Axis Reaction Wheels.
  • Ion accelerator with 2 axis beam steering (coming soon, 1U sized).
  • Star tracker camera.
  • Earth and horizon camera.
  • Sun sensors.


  • What would you do with the following power in orbit:
  • Quad Core x86 CPU (4W SDP).
  • 8DB LPDDR4.
  • 2 CSI (2 Lanes + 4 Lanes).
  • Intel’s 9th Generation 18EU GPU/GP-GPU unit.
  • 8xUSB 2.0, 2xUSB3.0 4xPCIe v2.0.
  • 4xUARTS, 2xSATA6.0.
  • RTOS/ Linux / Windows 10 IOT ENT.
  • SDR 8×8 (Coming soon).

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